Internet Connection

For good efficiency, we should have at least 50 Mbit (100Mbit Preferred) connection with low latency and no packet loose.

Also, you should have an external IP address, you can use static or dynamic with DDNS. At this moment no make sense have more than 100 Mbit because channel utilization is too low. Please, no waste money for expanding channel bandwidth at this moment, you will see no difference.

Highly recommended avoid WiFi connection of your storage node, because it produce addition latency and packet loss that will decrease your efficiency.

Good router is also must-have, depending on your channel bandwidth you can select a router that you need.

General reccomendation is:

  • Select router with CPU frequency not low then 600Mhz (multicore routers is preferred)

  • If your device is unsupported by a vendor you can reflash it to OpenWrt. OpenWrt has additional features for advanced routing and monitoring channels that we can use later.

  • You can build your own router based on pfsense (or use pfsense as a virtual router)

  • Look into Mikrotik routers, it solid stable out of box (I strongly recommend it)

Here is a tools that you can use to test your internet channel

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