If you haven't already, get an authorization token. This is required to continue.

Download the Identity Binary

Download the binary for your OS and unzip it.

Create an Identity

This can take several hours or even days, depending on your machines processing power & luck.

If you are planning to run your node on a NAS, Raspberry Pi or other device with less computing power, you can create an Identity on a more powerful machine and then transfer it over to the device you will run your node on.

To create an identity:

1. Open a terminal window.

2. Go to the directory with your identity binary.

3. Use the create command to create an identity:

In Powershell, run the following command (leave out the ./ if you are using cmd):

./identity_windows_amd64.exe create storagenode

Your identity will be generated in (Powershell): $Env:APPDATA/Storj/Identity/storagenode

4. This process will continue until it reaches a difficulty of at least 36. On completion, it will look something like this:

Sign the Identity

Now, sign the identity you created with your single-use authorization token.

Reminder: The entire string including your email is your authorization token.

./identity_windows_amd64.exe authorize storagenode <email:characterstring>

Be sure to check how many files are now contained in your identity folder. If your identity folder only contains 4 files after this step, you did not successfully complete the identity authorization. Sign the identity again until you see 6 files in the identity folder.

Backup the Identity folder

Make a backup of your identity folder, including all 6 files contained in it, preferrably on an external storage medium. This will allow you to restore your node to working order in case of an unfortunate incident such as a system hard drive crash. This backup will help only if you lost your identity files, it doesn't help if you lost data stored on the storagenode. Find your identity folder here:

Your identity folder is located in: $Env:APPDATA/Storj/Identity/storagenode

Failure to create a complete backup of your identity folder can result in not being able to recover your node later. Save it before you continue!

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