Hardware Requirements

My recommendation for storage node on <=100Mbit internet channel is a little bit different because we would like to be a SNO with high-efficiency storage node:

Storage Node not require ultrafast hardware, you can look around maybe you already have old hardware that you can reuse with zero cost.

Here is a general tested recommendations for hardware selection:

You can use ATOM CPU too, starting from N2800 or newer if you already have it. Another good choice is modern motherboards with embedded CPU (Celeron, Pentium).

Also, good choice is single-board computers: Raspberry PI4, Rock PI, Odroid, NannoPi

Please do not use ancient DDR2 RAM with an ancient CPU that supports this RAM. You will have bad performance for storage node and not good efficiency.

If you already have old drives for Storj please test it with MHDD or Viktoria before using it on your build.

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